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Frequently asked questions

How much does the parking cost?
Short stay parking costs SEK 20 for 40 minutes. Long stay parking costs SEK 20/hour, SEK 120/day and SEK 480/week. After seven days, the cost of long stay parking is
SEK 55/day. A monthly parking ticket costs SEK 1,150. An annual parking ticket costs SEK 5,400.

Is there an ATM machine (cashpoint) at the airport?
No, there is not.

Can I exchange foreign currency at the airport?
No, the airport does not offer a currency exchange service. However, there are currency exchange offices in Västerås city centre.

How much hand luggage can I bring onboard the aircraft?
That depends on what airline you are flying with. Please contact the airline company in question or your travel agent. Costs, weight and dimensions vary from airline to airline and also, depends on what type of ticket you have bought.
Click here for more information about Ryanair’s rules on hand luggage External link.
Click here for more information about Nextjet’s rules on hand luggage External link.

Who do I contact if my baggage is damaged?
Contact the Customer Services Desk upon arrival at the destination airport. Damaged baggage that is not immediately reported upon arrival is likely not to be compensated or replaced.
At Stockholm-Västerås Airport, our Customer Services Desk is located right next to our check-in desks.

Can I buy a pram travel bag at the airport?
You can buy a plastic pram travel bag at the airport for SEK 50. Extra baggage tags and straps are available to buy from the Customer Services Desk.

How long before the departure of my flight do I need to check-in at the airport?
If flying with Ryanair, the check-in is open from 2 hours until 40 minutes before departure. If flying with Nextjet, the check-in is open from 1 hour until 25 minutes before departure. Make sure to be at the airport in good time in order to avoid delays and for your flight to take off on time.

Is there a restaurant at the airport and can I buy something to eat and drink on the other side of the security screening?
Yes, the restaurant and bistro at the airport is always open in connection with flight departures. At the restaurant, you can enjoy a lovely cooked meal before going through the security screening. Once through the security screening, you can buy sandwiches, snacks and beverages at our bar.

Is there a duty free shop at the airport?
Yes, our duty free shop is located on the other side of the security screening. Here, you can buy perfume, newspapers and magazines, books, sunscreen products, sweets, souvenirs, alcohol, etc. Duty free shopping is available to those who are travelling to destinations where this is applicable. Postcards and stamps can be bought from the Customer Services Desk. Sweets and newspapers/magazines can also be bought from the restaurant before you go through the security screening.

Can I get a VAT refund for items bought at Stockholm-Västerås Airport?
VAT refunds are usually paid within three months. This service will shortly be available at the airport. Ask the Customer Services Desk to credit your credit/debit card.

Do I have to use the address tags provided by the charter airline that I am flying with?
No, you do not. However, we recommend putting an address tag with your name and telephone number on all your baggage. All bags are given a tag by the check-in staff.

Can I reserve a seat on my flight at the airport?
No, seats can only be reserved via the airline company.

Can I book what baggage I am taking at the airport?
No, you must book your baggage with the airline company when booking your flight.

Can I get help booking hotels and holiday activities?
Free brochures are available in the Arrivals Terminal or from our Customer Services Desk. We will soon, over the next year, be able to offer you exciting tour packages on our website. So, keep an eye out for that! Until then, please refer to the websites of ‘Visit Västerås’ and Västmanland’s Municipalities and County Council.
visitvasteras.se External link.
vastmanland.se External link.

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