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Lost or damaged luggage

Have you lost your luggage or is it damaged? Then here is some useful information on what to do next.

Lost luggage


Report that your luggage is lost upon arrival at the destination airport. Once your luggage has arrived at the airport, we will contact you and arrange a time for delivering the luggage to you or for you to collect if from the airport. Please contact the airline company if you have any questions about claiming compensation.

If any of your belongings are missing from your luggage you must report this to the airport without delay. You should also report the matter to the police. For any questions about claiming compensation, please contact your travel insurance company

Please note that as a passenger, you are personally responsible for any fragile or valuable items that you might have in your luggage. Examples of fragile objects are: money, keys, prescription medication, reading glasses, sunglasses, bottles, camera, jewellery, computer equipment, mobile phone, musical instrument, passport or any other personal identity papers or valuables.

Damaged luggage

You must show and report the damaged luggage upon arrival at the destination airport. If you do not notice the damage before you leave the airport, contact the airline company in question. Airline companies do not accept liability at check-in for any unsuitably packed delicate, damaged or fragile luggage. Nor do airline companies accept liability for any damage caused to the exterior of your luggage owing to normal wear and tea (such as scratches, stains, dirt and dents) or for any water damage caused to non-waterproof luggage.

If you have any questions about the luggage that you have reported missing or damaged at Stockholm Västerås Airport, please contact Customer Services.
Telephone: +46 (0)21 80 56 00
E-mail: operations@vasterasaiport.se