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Security screening

All passengers must go through a security screening. This is required by the Swedish Transport Agency. The purpose of the security screening is to find items that are prohibited onboard the aircraft.

What to think about before your security screening

  1. Pay close attention to the information displayed on screens and signs. Follow the instructions that the airport staff give you
  2. Put your 1 litre plastic bag with liquids, medications, baby food and other diet foods in the box provided. Click here for more information from the Swedish Transport Agency about travelling with liquids in your hand luggage External link.
  3. Outdoor clothing and belts should also be put in the box provided. Your shoes may also have to be screened.
  4. Put your laptop in a box on its own. This must be screened separately.
  5. Remove all other electronic equipment of similar size to the laptop from your bag(s)
  6. Make sure not to carry your mobile phone or any keys, coins or other metal objects on you. Put these in your hand luggage before you get to the security screening point
  7. Put your hand luggage on the conveyor belt of the X-ray machine and when asked, walk through the metal detector device
  8. Any prohibited items that are detected will be disposed of and destroyed.

What you can and cannot bring with you onboard the aircraft is governed by a number of strict rules and regulations. Apart from the regulations of the Swedish Transport Agency, the airline companies may impose their own rules and regulations. Hence, it is important to read the rules and regulations of the airline company that you have booked your flight with.